Why opt-in to the AIT Promotions network?2023-01-05T21:28:58-07:00

By opting into the AIT Promotions network you enabled us to serve you better. Opting-in makes you eligible to receive special offers and discounts to help you get the most from your promotional marketing budget. Additionally, we’ll send you valuable information to enhance your business.

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Can I get a product sample before ordering?2023-01-05T21:42:02-07:00

Certainly!  We supply samples under $10 at no charge to those who have opted-in to the AIT Promotions network. Samples over $10 are available and will be charged to your credit card at the time they are ordered. Please provide your company UPS or FedEx number to cover the cost of shipping.

How quickly can I get promotional products?2023-01-05T21:51:00-07:00

Turnaround time for some promotional products can be as quick as 24 hours though item selection is limited and order cutoff times must be met.  More commonly, production times average between 7-10 days, not including shipping time.  Rush services and expedited shipping are possible solutions when items are needed quickly.  These services will increase order costs.

Having been in business for over 25 years,  AIT Promotions has established excellent relationships with our vendors who work with us to optimize order turnaround time. Of course, advanced ordering is preferred, but we know that’s not always possible.

Are there minimums when ordering promotional products?2023-01-05T22:16:30-07:00

Most promotional product Vendors have minimum order requirements that vary from product to product.  AIT Promotions is a product Distributor.  Therefore, we have no say when it comes to minimum requirements.  We can, however, work with you to provide the best solution possible based on your needs.

What forms of payment do you accept?2023-01-05T22:24:00-07:00

Payment options include Visa, Master Card, American Express, Check or Cash.  Once the payment process has been taken care of orders move into the production phase.

Before you produce my entire order can I get a tangible sample?2023-01-05T22:24:21-07:00

Yes, pre-production proofs are an option.  You should note, there are costs associated with pre-production proofs and they extend order production time.

What is the cost of delivery?2016-05-02T09:50:58-07:00

The cost of delivery depends on if you want your gift items hand-delivered the same day, next day, or by standard delivery.

We hand deliver in the Greater Phoenix area.  We also ship nationwide and we do our best to give you the most cost-effective, safe, and secure transport of your gift items – including pallet shipping.

Does AIT Promotions buy locally?2023-01-05T22:24:57-07:00

Yes, AIT Promotions buys locally whenever possible.  We are proud members of LocalFirst Arizona and understand the importance of supporting local businesses whenever possible.

Do you wrap fundraising gifts?2023-01-05T22:26:23-07:00

Yes, we do!  Our clients come to us when they need their donations wrapped for a fundraising event.

Are you a Green company?2023-01-05T22:25:46-07:00

The vendors we work with understand the importance of recycling, and many now offer green products.  As long as we can get the same product quality, we will choose products made from recycled material over those that aren’t.  Within our studio, we follow the three R’s…reduce, reuse and recycle!

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