by Heather Rykowski

Each holiday season, business owners are usually faced with some corporate gift-giving questions. Many of them are not sure whether sending business gifts for Christmas or Chanukah is a good idea. For some, they have missed the deadline to get these orders filled for these holidays.  Here’s our business tip for holiday gifting… send client promotional gifts at the beginning of the New Year!

Small businesses need to know that promotional gift giving to clients is similar to giving gifts in general. This is an act of appreciating each other’s relationship. While this gesture can act as an opportunity to boost a business’ brand image and awareness, it should also be a chance to say thank you to your clients as you cross over to a new year with them.

Happy New Year

New Year’s is a perfect time of the year to give more personal promotional gifts to clients. Gifts such as branded pad-folios are a thoughtful gift that will be a good reminder of the giver because it is used daily. Tech gifts are also a welcomed gift because they make work efficient which any client would appreciate. A relaxation gift with the message that they can relax because you will handle their needs sets a positive tone for the New Year.

The best way to find ideal corporate gifts to give your clients to usher in the New Year is to use a company that provides creative business gifts. Choose a firm that specializes in custom promotional products that can build your brand and business relationships. Good gifts should establish goodwill and create positive feelings towards the giver.

Small businesses that want to start a new year on a good note with clients want to invest in promotional gifting this holiday season. It’s not too late to order client promotional gifts for the New Year; just give us a call and we will get started right away.