by Heather Rykowski

Not all promotional product distributors are created equal

When striving to make the right impression with a promotional product, it is essential to do your homework. Reading and evaluating customer reviews and asking the right questions of your promotional products distributor are an important part of ensuring that you choose a knowledgeable and reputable company.  By doing so, you will ensure that the promotional products you purchase are of high quality and focus on the right message.

Promotional products make a lasting impression; make sure it’s a good one

Promotional products that are classy and well-presented can certainly go a long way towards promoting positive leads and generating return business. Low-quality, poorly-presented promotional products not only leave a bad taste in the mouth of the receiver but they can also end up creating negative spin for your company.  A well-intentioned promotional giveaway of low quality can certainly make a powerful impression, but not likely the one you want.

It may seem like a simple thing, but take time to interview the promotional products distributor

Each company wanting promotional products has strict budgetary guidelines. Make sure to take the time to discuss all budget requirements in order to clearly identify the quality of product offered by the promotional product distributor within that dollar amount.  This is also a good time to make sure that the product generates the right kind of impression you want to make as a business.

Communicating your brand effectively is critical and cannot be accomplished without proper planning and customized options.  When you contact the promotional products distributor, don’t be afraid to ask them for options that fit your budget and effectively communicate the message you want to promote. Ask for references, who you can contact to talk with about the level of customer satisfaction. Ask for samples of promotional work that has been done recently.

Timelines are critical and often underestimated

Planning ahead is essential when it comes to offering the best promotional gift option for any corporate event.  Ask about the support services offered by the product distributor and request details about the turnaround time for the product needed. Be sure to ask specifics about delivery options and costs associated with those options.

Ordering early will help ensure less costly delivery methods. Additionally, find out how they troubleshoot issues that may come up when designing the promotional products. Will a specific person be assigned to communicate with you about any needs that arise or to address any concerns you may have? What kind of turnaround time can be expected when you communicate a problem or have a concern?

Having successfully served the Greater Phoenix area for over two decades I speak from experience.  Working with a distributor who understands that you are busy company and that you need options which can be clearly spelled out in a professional and timely manner will serve you well.  Certainly, my clients will attest to that!

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