Selecting the wrong promotional products can actually have an adverse effect on your brand.  As we head into Fall Trade Show season we want to share with you how promotional products impact your brand and the 5 common mistakes to avoid.

Trade shows and exhibitions provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect with their customers and display products and services. Such shows provide an excellent platform to demonstrate expertise and experience.

In today’s competitive market scenario, producing a wonderful product or service is no longer enough to ensure expected sales. There are several factors that contribute to the success of your brand.  A critical element in bolstering sales is promotion.

1) Selecting Inappropriate Promotional Product

According to PPAI Research, selecting an appropriate promotional item for your target audience is the top priority for firms. Interestingly, it gets precedence over budgetary considerations.  Further, audiences today want to receive something they value.  We recently attended an HR convention whose theme was “HR to the Core”.  We found a promotional pen in the shape of an apple slice to hand out to convention attendees. We engaged the attendees that passed by the booth asking if they could guess what it was.  Most could not guess but were pleasantly surprised about the unique concept and how it tied into the convention theme.

2) Lack of Custom Branding

Branding is the best way to stay top of mind with customers. But instead of putting just the logo on the promotional product, you need to find better ways of promoting your brand. A good way to create a call to action is to add your website URL, phone numbers, and email address.

3) Promotional Product Isn’t Useful

More than a beautiful product, recipients appreciate useful ones that can be of some help. Moreover, gifting a useful product ensures usage and thereby, better brand recall. To choose an appropriate gift, it is important to understand the target audiences and their needs. For example, if you are a dentist,  a clever gift is a business card that dispenses dental floss or a stress reliever in the shape of a tooth.

4) Too Cheap To Keep

While budgetary constraints can prevent you from going for a high-quality product as a gift, never consider cheap gifts which will adversely impact your brand. Based on the budget, you can find several small yet attractive gifts that your recipients will not mind receiving.

5) Going Solo

Buyers look for experienced gift consultants who can advise them on the right purchasing decision.  Look for a gift consultant who has years of experience in the promotional products industry and are a member of the Promotional Products Association International (PPAI). They can advise you on the latest trends and point you toward quality products that are useful and attractive to your target audience.

Selecting the right promotional products takes forethought and planning.  We work with busy corporate professionals on a day to day basis and assist them in making the right promotional product choices.  Contact us today if you want your promotional products selection to be stress –free, on message, on time, and on budget.