by Heather Rykowski

In an era where the average worker spends less than five years working at a given company, it is crucial for any employer to make their staff feel welcome and positive if they want to retain the quality talent they have on the payroll for the long term.

One way to ensure a higher level of employee morale and productivity is to institute a gift program as a way to show employee recognition and appreciation for each year they’ve stayed with the company. Why and how should you consider implementing such a gift program?

The Cost of Low Morale

It is believed that over a quarter of a trillion dollars are lost each year because employees do not want to work hard, do not want to show up to work on time, or spend their time looking for another job.  Using employee anniversary gifts helps to impact morale by showing that you appreciate every individual’s effort in the company.

Employee Gift Program

Using a gift program that highlights the achievements and the tenure of workers can result in a more positive work environment. Programs like this can improve employee morale and provide an incentive for employees to work hard to merit their individual gift program rewards. Additionally, it lets newcomers and veterans alike realize how helpful each is to the entire company.

Highlight Accomplishments

A gift program for employee recognition and appreciation may have certain benchmarks, such as 12 or 24 months with the company.   When you give these gifts, it is beneficial to point out not only how long an employee has worked for the company but what they have achieved during that time.  A gift program can also be used to reward group accomplishments as a way to enforce teamwork.

Employee gift programs are a win-win and easy to set up.  It all begins with a solid strategy and clearly defined metrics that ultimately align with your company’s asperations.  Feel free to reach out to me for specifics on starting your own gift program.  I’m here to help you get the most out of promotional marketing.