to market your business to the community.

There will be parties, events, and gift giving throughout the land,

so what’s your plan?

Ah yes!  Celebrate the holidays with customized products to promote your brand.

Not sure what to give we understand,

just know that we’re here to give you a hand.

For now, check out these faves for inspiration,

just a little something to stir your imagination.


Take the opportunity to promote your business whenever it arises.  Always have something on hand with your company name on it, besides your business card, that people will find valuable enough to hang on to.  It can be as simple as a nice pen or something more substantial, provided it is of good quality and is something most people would actually use.  If you need help determining what that is,  reach out to the one person who always has her finger on the pulse of promotional gift giving, Heather Rykowski (602-)978-2791.