By Heather Rykowski

It’s never too soon to be planning your holiday corporate gift program. Many businesses will be sending gifts throughout the holiday season. Taking time to plan ahead will reduce the stress of selecting the right business gifts. It is important to take this opportunity to support your marketing efforts with gifts that add value to your message. A gift to your employees over the holidays is also a simple way to say thank you and to create some goodwill among staff as well. These little touches can add up.

Holiday gifts being exchangedCorporate gifts have been shown over the years to be an important part of the marketing mix and in helping to keep employees motivated.  They are recognized as offering an effective and simple way to strengthen corporate relations and create a sense of goodwill. Additionally, whereas words will only stay with the customer or employee for a certain length of time, the impression of a well-timed and appropriate corporate gift will remain with them for far longer – especially if it is branded.

In choosing your corporate gift, you need to be aware of what are appropriate gifts and the reason you are giving the gift. This is where a corporate gift specialist can provide the assistance you need. By using a specialized service, you can be assured that the aspects such as appropriateness and quality are taken into account.  All you need to focus on is your business and providing the service to match the image you are creating when you give a corporate gift.

A corporate gift specialist will also select gifts that support the message you want to deliver, as well as taking care that the gifts you give reflect the image you want to project. Working with people who understand the nuances of corporate gift giving lets you stay clear of the potential pitfalls involved. It means that you know you will be delivering the exact message and image that you want to when you send your gift.

Heather Rykowski is a corporate gift specialist with of All In The Present headquartered in Arizona.  With 25 years in the Gift and Promotional Product industries, you could say, she has a “gift” for giving.  So whether you want to show your appreciation to clients, vendors, referral partners or employees just ask Heather.  To contact her call (602) 978-2791 or email