by Heather Rykowski

The summer months are when people come out of their hibernation to take advantage of the warmer weather, and this presents an opportunity for you to get creative with giveaways that get you noticed. Promoting your business is essential, and the Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) delivers an annual report that shows the cost of promotional products against other types of traditional advertising.

What this report routinely shows is that the average consumer will give away promotional items that they either don’t want or have no use for. This is important because it means that your brand has the chance of being passed along to more folks beyond those who initially received it.

This is almost unheard of in advertising, as people are more inclined simply to toss out other forms of marketing materials such as flyers and coupons.

The question you have to ask now is what types of promotional products will get your brand noticed in the summer months. There are a few great ones out there that are sure to be in high demand, so let’s take a look at a few.

Solar-Powered Devices – It is usually electronic devices such as speakers, chargers, and more that fall into this category. Consumers are reliant on these devices, and having a wireless charging option is a great idea.

Infusion Water Bottles – These are one of the top trending products for summer at the moment, as more and more people are on a health kick. More than just a water bottle, these contain a tube of sorts where you can add fruit to add a real splash of flavor to your drink.

Cooling Towels – It’s east to get overheated and worn out in the hot months of summer, even if you are just walking around an amusement park. Simply wetting one of these towels and placing it around the neck can bring hours of instant relief, which is why it is such an in-demand item.

Blankets – It may seem counterintuitive to give away blankets during the summer months, but these are items that you will regularly find in those aforementioned tote bags. Perfect for picnics or for laying out on the beach, a great blanket is an essential summer item.

Tote Bags – Watch any family arrive at the beach or the pool and you will see that they are laden down with bags. Make no mistake, these things are a must have for every family, and that fact that they can be used over and over again is a bonus.

Flip Flops – The footwear of summer and beyond make this popular sandal one that will leave a long lasting impression.  Imprint above the sole or die cut your message into the sole bottom leaving a ‘talking footprint’, or do both. Whether worn at the beach or around the house you’re sure to stay top of mind.

Miscellaneous Summer Goodies – The list of great summer products is literally endless. Things like sunglasses, ball caps, and lip balm are all inexpensive, but they are items that people who love a little outdoor adventure will love. Be smart with your giveaways, and your brand will get a ton of attention this summer and beyond!