by Heather Rykowski

For any entrepreneur large or small, marketing is always a major challenge, especially when it comes to identifying ideal strategies that effectively advertise a business. For smaller businesses, the high cost of advertisement can be stressful especially if you have an insufficient budget. Traditional marketing channels are often considered to be costly for small entrepreneurs who in the long run, fail to reach the target market. Use of logoed promotional items is a brilliant concept that is very popular because it is an effective brand marketing technique.

In the recent times, many businesses have turned to promotional apparel, which unlike TV or newspaper advertising, requires minimal investment. This is a perfect solution for entrepreneurs who are willing to do all it takes to market their business brands, but cannot afford the high advertising costs. According to studies released by the Advertising Specialty Institute:

  • 25% of U.S. consumers have logoed caps and headwear
  • T-shirts are owned by 46% of the U.S. consumer population
  • 85% of Americans remember advertisers on logoed promotional items
  • 52% of men and 48 % of women own t-shirts with logos

Judging from the statistics above, the advantages of using promotional logoed items are clear. The success attributed to this marketing strategy has enabled many small enterprises to build sustainable market brands. The quantity of companies that deal with designing and supplying promotional products has increased competition levels and made these items more affordable.

For businesspeople who want to save a lot of money, going for a bulk order is the best way to obtain incredible deals and save tons of money. Promotional apparel products are the perfect choice for corporate giveaways, particularly if your company is a regular participant of corporate events such as tradeshows or conventions. Such events offer the perfect chance to interact with participants and reward them with your logoed apparel to build your brand. This is a smart marketing idea capable of generating amazing results for those interested in continuous promotions. Every time a customer puts on a t-shirt, jacket or cap, your brand is promoted to the general public.

Choosing promotional apparel to market your business is the best decision you can ever make. Customized and logoed items are the best mobile advertisement strategies that sell your brand without a lot of investment and effort. Many businesses that choose this marketing option realize increased return on investment, which ultimately, increases business revenue.

As a promotional products distributor in Phoenix, Arizona, we have worked with hundreds of companies who appreciate our promotional branding savvy and attention to detail. Whether you have been ordering logoed and promotional apparel for years or it is your first time, rely on our ‘fresh set of eyes’ to find the apparel that speaks to your brand. My team and I are here to help.  Go ahead and contact us today!